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High Court Advocate in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

High Court Advocate in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Advocate Pratik Thakkar is one of the best high court advocate in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He is specialist lawyer for Civil Disputes, Merger And Acquisition Disputes, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Disputes, Corporate Disputes, Arbitration Matters and many more matters likes NCLT(National Company Law Tribunal Act.), Property Matters, Labour Matters, Elections Matters, Cooperative Societies Matters, Civil Matters, Admiralty(Shipping Dispute), Trademark Related Matters, Patent & Mergers, Winding Up Matters, Liquidation & Auctions, National And International Arbitration, SARFESI and Land Revenue Matters, Family Law Matters, SAFEMA Matters, Due Diligence for listing in stock exchange, Criminal Matters and Insolvency & Bankruptcy Advocate in Ahmedabad.

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The best thing is that we have a great reputation among our clientele. So if we are a good partner for your legal matter we would be the one you are going to go to. But don’t forget that our prices are also affordable. That’s why Pratik Thakkar Associates is one of the most affordable legal services on the market.

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